Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm thinking...that I just might have seen some magic today.

I'm thinking...that I just might have seen some magic today. A flock of cardinals flew across my sky. A flock. I didn't think it possible. There must have been twenty of them. All together in their red glory. It was early evening, with the sun down low, just above the hills and the light was, well, perfect. They were almost glowing. Just as quickly as they appeared, they all swept down into the heavy oaks, in unison, like birds do, and they were gone. I laughed out loud. I was so delighted.
I am glad my husband was with me, or I would have doubted what I had seen. He saw them too. He was more amused at my amazement than anything else. I am moved by the most random things.
The hill country where I live has been a gift. In its modesty, treasures abound. Wildlife is everywhere. I have watched the same white-tailed doe grow large every winter with her spring babies for almost ten years now. We call her Pippen. She favors corn tortillas...after all, this is Texas. Besides cardinals, we also see blue jays and morning doves and mockingbirds. And plenty others. The list is long.
I paint the flowers that grow when it rains. And if we get lucky enough, it rains. Sometimes I paint the plants that don't need to wait for the rain and when the light is just right, their colors move me, just like the cardinals.

I'm lucky to live here.

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