Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Thinking...

I'm thinking it's time to get going.  I put my kids on a plane back to Savannah today and it was bitter-sweet. They are off, making a life for themselves and that is a beautiful and necessary adventure...and I am sad and lonely already for their sweet faces.
They've got things to do.
So do I.
There's this big, beautiful, over-bearing and quite loud, blank white canvas trying to get my attention every time I come into this room. It's time. I've lolled around all these holidays, not ready to pay it any attention....and it's time. I'm looking forward to the colors and the detail and the surprises. I'll likely go on and on about it in the coming weeks. Get prepared. I can get quite anal.
We begin anew.
I'm putting this music in for my husband. He, too, begins anew this year and he's got things to do. And this song, called "This Is the Song (Good Luck)" by the Punch Brothers, speaks to him for me.
Let's raise a toast to new beginnings.
See ya,

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